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We are selecting 3 families on each of our roadtrips and providing them with $1000 each in free scanning!

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The Passion and Drive behind InfoSavers


Everyone has a Story

At InfoSavers, we understand that your memories tell your story, and the story of your loved ones. Family history is important to us. In fact, you could say that it is one of our deepest passions. That's why we got started tranferring photos, slides and journals, we wanted to offer a quality product that would help families connect with their past, while preserving those things for the future.

It wasn't long before requests streamed in for film and video tape preservation. We took the same approach that we'd established with image scanning, to providing high quality preservation for moving picture images, including video tape, 8mm and 16mm film as well. And then, one day, we had a powerful idea. It was an idea that would change how everyone looked at preserving their memories. That idea became the ScanBox.

One box, One solution

What if you could gather up your memories of all shapes and sizes and put them into a single box for conversion to digital files? What if it didn't matter what was in the box, because it always had the same price, regardless of it's contents? And, what if you could have peace of mind knowing that your memories would only be handled locally? We put that idea to the test.

The ScanBox became an overnight hit. Over the years we helped families preserve their story. Isn't it time to preserve yours?

All you need is Love.... and InfoSavers

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